Object Lifecycle Management: Expiration

Object lifecycle expiration policies enable you to delete an object or object type based on its age.

Establishing an Object Expiration Policy

Prerequisite: You must have established at least one bucket.

  1. From anywhere in Orbit, click the Bucket Lifecycle tab in the left navbar.

  2. The Bucket Lifecycle screen displays.

  3. Choose a bucket and pick Add New Rule > Expiration

  4. The Add New Expiration Rule dialog displays:


    You may enter a distinct directory or subdirectory to which the rule applies. Enter an expiration time span and a deletion time span. These follow the bucket and enforce expiration and deletion. You may also add a comment about this expiration rule.

    Click Save.

  5. The new rule is displayed:


    Zenko will enforce these rules on this bucket.

Versioning logic precludes simply deleting an object: that day’s object is deleted, but earlier versions remain. See warning at Deleting Objects.