Orbit Security

Orbit sessions use a direct connection proxied through https://admin.zenko.io. Connections are encrypted end-to-end between the user’s browser and the admin.zenko.io proxy, and from there to the Zenko instance. No user content in transmission is stored, cached, read, or readable by Scality systems.

Metrics (and configuration) are stored in Scality systems using non-identifiable numbers or encrypted blobs except for the following essential namespace information

  • Bucket names
  • Remote credential names (secret keys are encrypted such that only the Zenko instance itself can decrypt them)
  • Zenko-local storage account names, location names and endpoints

The following features employ real-time communication

  • CRR failed object listing and retry operations
  • Multicloud browser
  • Metadata search

The most secure operating mode is when the instance is linked and locked to a user account. Forgetting the instance, except for momentary transfer to another account, is not a best practice. Forgetting the instance does not stop the secure channel, which is needed for normal operation.