Object Lifecycle Management: Transition

Object lifecycle transition policies enable you to change the location of an object or object type based on its age.

Establishing a Lifecycle Transition Policy

Prerequisite: You must have established a bucket to transition data from, and a location to send transitioned data to.

To establish a lifecycle transition rule:

  1. Click the Bucket Lifecycle tab in the sidebar.

  2. The Bucket Lifecycle screen displays.

  3. Choose a bucket and pick Add New Rule > Transition

  4. The Add New Transition Rule dialog displays:


    You may specify an prefix to identify objects to which the rule applies. Enter a time span after the object’s current version was last modified and specify a location to which it shall be moved. You can also add a comment about the transition rule.

    Click Save.

  5. The new rule is displayed:


    Zenko will enforce these rules on this bucket. If replication is configured, any change of state to objects in this bucket can be replicated to buckets on other clouds.