Burry is a Backup and recovery tool for cloud-native infrastructure services. Zenko uses Burry to back up and restore critical base infrastructure services such as ZooKeeper and the Kafka configurations and topics it contains.


Burry is installed with Zenko as a cronjob in suspended mode. To enable it, edit the options.yaml file; then update Zenko with Helm. It is toggled off by default with the suspend: parameter set to true. Setting this parameter to false activates the feature when pushed to a Zenko server.

    suspend: false
    schedule: "5 * * * *"
    destType: "s3"
    destEndpoint: "{{zenko-server-name}}"
    accessKey: "accessKey"
    secretKey: "secretKey"
    bucket: "bucketName"
    ssl: "false

When you’ve completed your reconfiguration, push the new configuration to your Zenko server with a Helm command:

$ helm upgrade {{zenko-server-name}} ./zenko -f options.yaml