Replication Service

Replication and related services are offered for S3-compatible frontend servers. These features are not yet implemented for Azure Blob frontends.


Replication is the automatic copying of information from one location to another. Zenko extends beyond the public-cloud paradigm by enabling replication to occur not only from one site to another, but also from one site to several.

The Backbeat replication extension manages many of the complexities of large-scale replication, including defining tasks, handling large queues, graceful failure and retry, and managing deferred tasks. Zenko enables site-level replication, mirroring the contents of a primary cloud object storage site (this can be a public or private cloud), and copies its contents to another public or private cloud.

Transient Source Replication

Public cloud data storage services can charge substantial egress fees for moving data out of their cloud. This can make it costly to use a public cloud as a primary storage site from which other clouds instances are replicated. Zenko offers a transient source as a configurable option. If configured, the transient source accepts data to be replicated in a transient storage location on the host machine, replicates the data to the target clouds, and once all replications show success, deletes the data from the transient source location. If transient source replication is not configured, the cross-region replication feature copies the data to the primary cloud (this could be a public cloud or a private cloud, such as the RING), and replicates the data to other clouds from there.

Garbage Collection

The Garbage Collector is a Node.js service that cleans up the transient source buffer after a replication is complete. When the Backbeat replication status processor receives notification from all targets that a PUT job is complete (HTTP 200, indicating success), it enters a task in the Kafka queue to delete the transient source buffer. The Garbage Collector service is invoked and deletes files meeting the job description.