Supported Clouds and Services

Zenko replicates and manages data from one or many sources to one or many destinations. Sources can be clouds or services, and targets can be of several types of cloud backend.

Supported Sources

Zenko supports multiple-cloud storage operations natively using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) protocol. It can handle data from many S3-compatible sources, as well as from servers using supported protocols. Zenko can also operate natively using Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as a front end. Operation is analogous to S3-based interactions, but as of release 1.2, feature parity has not been attained.

The following Amazon S3-based clouds have been tested as Zenko-compatible sources:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service
  • Scality RING with S3 Connector
  • Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
  • Ceph RADOS Gateway

In addition to its compatibility with S3- and Azure Blob-compatible cloud frontends, Zenko can ingest data and metadata from servers using the following protocols:

  • Scality RING with sproxyd

    The sproxyd connector provides a flexible REST-based API for interacting with Scality RING.

  • Scality RING Scale-Out File System (SOFS)

    SOFS is the RING object store’s native file system. SOFS is a POSIX- compatible parallel file system that provides file storage services on the RING. SOFS is a virtual file system, based on an internal distributed database deployed on the RING.

  • Network File System (NFS)

    Zenko can ingest data and metadata from NFS sources, using a simple Orbit configuration process or from the command line. Because NFS does not maintain an object-store namespace, Zenko extrapolates one using out-of-band updates.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    Zenko can ingest data and metadata from AWS sources, using a simple Orbit configuration process or from the command line. Because AWS’s object-store namespace is not accessible to customers, Zenko queries Amazon buckets and extrapolates its own namespace using out-of-band updates.

Other sources are under development.

Supported Targets

Zenko can replicate stored data at the site level to the following supported private and public clouds:

  • Amazon S3-based public clouds:
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service
    • DigitalOcean Spaces
    • Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage
  • Amazon-S3-based private clouds:
    • Scality RING S3 Connector
    • Red Hat Ceph RADOS Gateway
  • Other public clouds:
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • Microsoft Azure Storage

Zenko cannot write to non-object-store endpoints such as NFS. Other target clouds and services are under development.