Scality’s Orbit management portal provides Zenko’s graphical user interface.

Designed for ease of use, this Scality-managed and -hosted cloud portal offers easy management and monitoring of Zenko instances and metrics, as well as a simple, point-and-click interface to configure and monitor multi-cloud workflows.

Orbit offers the following features:

  • Login and authentication
  • Cloud “location” and credential management for:
    • Zenko local filesystem
    • Scality RING with SOFS
    • Scality RING with S3 Connector
    • AWS S3
    • Ceph RADOS Gateway
    • Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
    • NFS
    • Microsoft Azure Blob
    • Wasabi Cloud
    • DigitalOcean Object Storage
    • Local transient/cache storage (RING)
  • Lifecycle management (health status, key metrics/KPIs) for Zenko instances
  • Workflow configuration and monitoring (for CRR and Lifecycle expiration)
  • S3 data browser
  • Metadata search
  • Help and resources

You can test drive Orbit by following the “Try Zenko” link at https://www.zenko.io/ and following the instructions for Setting Up an Orbit Sandbox Instance.

For a full walk-through of these features, see Using Orbit.