CRR Retry

The CRR Retry feature lets users monitor and retry failed CRR operations. Users can retrieve a list of failed operations and order Zenko to retry specific CRR operations.

From Orbit

In Orbit, CRR Retry appears as a notice in the Location Status indicating that a file or a number of files failed to replicate. The number of failed operations is listed as a metric under the Replication Statistics for that location. By clicking the failed objects metric, Orbit provides a listing of the failed objects, each with a “Retry” button. By clicking this button, the user triggers a retry of the failed replication operation. The entire listing can be retried by clicking the “Retry All” button.

From the Command Line

The CRR Retry feature comprises three API calls. These are:

These requests, sent to the Backbeat endpoints, return members stored in bb:crr:failed:* Redis sorted sets. A Retry command removes the member and changes the object’s metadata “FAILED” status to “PENDING”, which queues them to be retried by the replication processor.