CRR Metrics and HealthcheckΒΆ

Zenko provides replication status tracking. The replication system exposes metrics through a REST API to monitor pending, processing, and completed replication objects. It can return the number of failures that occurred during replication, the current throughput (in replication operations per second), and total bytes completing per second.

If source and destination buckets are set up to allow replication, when a new object is added to the source bucket, the request for replicating that object begins processing.

Metrics are gathered when entries are published to Kafka. When a Kafka entry has completed processing and an object has replicated to its destination bucket, further metrics are gathered to record its completion.

Backbeat offers routes for the following services:

Backbeat also offers a healthcheck service that enables replication component monitoring.

API documentation (routes, requests, and responses) for these services is provided in the Zenko Reference.


Cross-region replication is not supported for Azure Blob Storage points of origin (Azure Blob frontend servers) in Zenko version 1.2.1.