Using search_bucket

To run searches using the search_bucket tool requires an installed and working instance of CloudServer. Clone it from the GitHub repository at Scality/Cloudserver and follow its documentation to install it.

Verify that the search tool is installed by running the following command from the project’s root directory:

$ node bin/search_bucket

This produces the following output:

Usage: search_bucket [options]


  -V, --version                 output the version number
  -a, --access-key <accessKey>  Access key id
  -k, --secret-key <secretKey>  Secret access key
  -b, --bucket <bucket>         Name of the bucket
  -q, --query <query>           Search query
  -h, --host <host>             Host of the server
  -p, --port <port>             Port of the server
  -s                            --ssl
  -v, --verbose
  -h, --help                    output usage information

In the following examples, Zenko is accessible on endpoint http://zenko.local:80 and contains the bucket zenkobucket.

  • To search for objects with metadata blue:

    $ node bin/search_bucket -a <AccessKey1> -k <verySecretKey1> -b zenkobucket -q "x-amz-meta-color=blue" -h zenko.local -p 80
  • The search for objects tagged with type=color:

    $ node bin/search_bucket -a <AccessKey1> -k <verySecretKey1> -b zenkobucket -q "tags.type=color" -h zenko.local -p 80